From the Podium: May 2017

Haydn and Copland at the Maverick

Dion Ogust

Dear Friends,

In my search for music for the final concert of Ars Choralis’s 52nd season, Haydn's Mass for Troubled Times caught my attention. Haydn wrote this work, considered by some to be his greatest, in response to the political turmoil in Europe in 1798. The parallel I saw to our own world today was gripping, and I knew this powerful mass would be the perfect work to anchor our June program.

But we needed something more to give balance to the program. And I found it in the term “troubled times,” which reminded me of the deep divisions among people in this country and, indeed, in so many parts of the world. Aaron Copland's quintessentially American music would be the perfect counterpoint to Haydn's mass. Copland immortalizes America’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, weaving the melodies of the people through his music, blending their different textures together into a unified and beautiful whole.

In that same spirit of unity, Ars Choralis brings you this concert.

From the Podium and with good wishes.


Barbara Pickhardt, Artistic Director