Our Next Concert
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Our Next Concert


Ars Choralis has adapted to new ways to share our music with you, reimagining the concerts that have delighted you for years by using technology to record and stream choral concerts that you can log into from your home.


Welcome Yule – Imagining Peace

An Annual Holiday Tradition

A Virtual Concert – Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 4 pm at arschoralis.org


Celebrate the 2020 holiday season virtually with the Ars Choralis holiday concert you have enjoyed for years, now reimagined through the marvel of technology. It will feature Gilles Malkine reading Maya Angelou’s “Amazing Peace” interspersed with seasonal images and favorite songs from past performances such as Quiet Place and Time to Remember the Poor. Through the magic of audio and video editing, the full complement of singers, united in song from their homes, will bring the concert to an appropriate close singing Barbara Pickhardt’s and Johanna Hall’s Peace on Earth.


New Day Dawning: Awakening the Promise of America

A Virtual Concert – Thursday, December 31, 2020 at 6 pm at arschoralis.org

In the tradition of Ars Choralis’s New Year’s Eve concerts of unity and compassion, this year we explore the centuries-long struggles of marginalized Americans by interweaving words of hope and resolution from multi-cultural civil rights leaders with images and music. From Ars Choralis’s recording library we will bring you the hauntingly beautiful Deep River and a song of healing arranged by Woodstock composer Herb Haufrecht, Healing River. There will be three newly recorded virtual choir works, including a song from Godspell with words that shine a ray of hope that “maybe now we can build a beautiful city of love”, a Song of Gratitude for one another by Craig Hella Johnson and Holly Near’s I Am Willing, which includes these poignant words “…to be silent dishonors those who came before us”.

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