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Our Next Concert

Soy Boricua poster

Soy Boricua: A Benefit Concert for Puerto Rico

Sunday, June 24, 7 p.m.
Christ’s Lutheran Church
26 Mill Hill Rd, Woodstock

Artistic Director Barbara Pickhardt was moved by the plight of the people of Puerto Rico when she heard about their suffering from Leticia Paler, a member of Christ’s Lutheran Church. Paler’s hometown of Guayama took a direct hit from Hurricane Maria:

The beautiful town was devastated. My family was without electricity and water for five months. Supermarket shelves were empty; mosquitoes were rampant. My 101-year-old aunt died as a consequence. Many families were suffering. I was heartbroken. In response, I bought vital supplies and started shipping them to the island. My fellow church members and friends joined me, and together we sent out more than 50 packages of life-saving essentials.

Paler’s story inspired Ars Choralis to offer this concert.

The chorus will sing an array of favorites from Ars Choralis concerts reflecting America in song. The program, to be performed in Italy in the coming weeks, includes Carly Simon’s “Let the River Run,” Leonard Bernstein’s “Somewhere,” Aaron Copland’s “At the River,” Holly Near’s “I Am Willing,” William Billings’s “An Anthem for Thanksgiving” (performed with brass and flutes), and spiritual and gospel songs “Amazing Grace” and “Go Down Moses.”

Although the concert is free, monetary donations are gratefully welcomed to help alleviate the continuing suffering in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.