Our 2016-17 Concert Season
Barbara's overview
December 3 and 4
Welcome Yule: Peace in the Midst of War

March 25, 7 PM & March 26, 4 PM:
Into the Light

June 17, 7 PM & June 18, 4 PM:
Mass for Troubled Times (Lord Nelson Mass)
and A Lincoln Portrait

From the Podium
late October 2016
Artistic director Barbara Pickhardt introduces our very special Welcome Yule concert. (For Barbara's overview of our entire season, see the link under the season listing at right.)

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Our Mission
Ars Choralis is a nonprofit organization dedicated to celebrating the human spirit through the performance of choral music of all periods and styles. We believe music has the power to transcend all barriers of language, culture, race, class, and emotion to unite people in a world of increasing factionalism and violence. Ars Choralis seeks to inspire, encourage, heal, uplift, and further the cause of world peace.

Ars Choralis' 52st Concert Season 2016-2017