Audition for Ars Choralis
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Audition for Ars Choralis

Audition for Ars Choralis

People often ask, “How would I audition for Ars Choralis?” If you love to sing and have a basic knowledge of music, you are welcome to audition. The audition is designed to determine the candidate’s range, blending quality, tonal memory and familiarity with basic notation.

Auditions involve singing some simple scales, pitch matching, and simple sight reading. Some people prepare a solo to sing as well; that is optional.

Nancy Howell (alto) remembers her audition. “I had been thinking about auditioning for Ars Choralis for a couple years. After I finally got up the nerve to arrange an audition, I went to the wrong audition location. I got the name of the church hall confused with another! So, I arrived late, anxious, and out of breath. But Barbara was welcoming and easy going, thank goodness! I stood at the piano with her, and sang about 10 minutes; it felt like 30 seconds.”

Maintaining balance within the chorus is important, so sometimes there are no vacancies in certain sections. But Ars Choralis welcomes auditioners always.

Call or email Barbara Pickhardt at (845) 679-8172 or