Messengers and Dreamers Concert
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Messengers and Dreamers Concert

Messengers and Dreamers concert

Messengers and Dreamers Concert

Pointe of Praise Church in Kingston, NY was the site of a wonderful and moving evening of song and words, as Ars Choralis held a special Messengers of Peace concert in support of Ulster Immigration Defense Network (UIDN). Four young immigrants from the area, Zuleima Cabrera, Diana Cruz, Carlos Cuellar, and Alejandro M. Duran Sanchez, spoke of their arrival to the U.S. and their difficult assimilation as undocumented DACA “Dreamers.” They all talked about their love of family and great educational opportunities here, as well as their hopes for the future.

Rabbi Jonathan Kligler from Woodstock and Professor John Meehan from Vassar read quotations from many past U.S. presidents in support of our country’s role as a welcoming nation and reminding us that immigrants have always been the founders and backbone of our society. Father Frank Alagna from UIDN was a primary organizing force behind the event.

Ars Choralis sang “Esto Les Digo,” “On the Turning Away,” “One Voice,” and “I Am Willing,” among others. Soloists included Christina Gardner, Jim Noecker, Becky Lowe, Jim Ulrich, Katelyn Noecker, Rachel Holt, Tracy Dowd, Nancy Howell, and Chuck Snyder.


At the end of the evening Jim Ulrich taught the audience “From this House,” and the concert ended with the audience singing together in unity and love.

Audience member Roxie Newberry praised the performance: “It was a beautiful, uplifting, inspiring concert—as usual! So happy to have been there. Ars Choralis and Barbara Pickhardt are such a force for good in this community and world, AND the music is beautiful! Thanks to all of you!”


(photos by Gloria Waslyn)

Messengers and Dreamers concert Messengers and Dreamers concert Messengers and Dreamers concert